Screenshot_20160825-111442It is a specific APP for rallyes organizers, it lets you draw route books easily, quickly and accurately. With the Rabbit Roadbook Designer you can create route books for printing (PDF) and digital route books (RBK), which can be viewed on the screen of a tablet with our free app Rabbit RoadBook.

The route books in PDF can be in “FIA ROAD” (asphalt) and format “FIA Cross Country” (land) format. The Organizer can also request custom formats!

The APP has a library with more than 100 tulips with the most common drawings in rallys (crosses, tickets …) and external references (houses, trees etc.), along with a library of symbols and FIA signals (FIA Lexic) , used in international competitions. All drawings galleries can be customized by the organizers, which can also draw by hand to add specific aspects or create your own picture galleries.

Screenshot_20160825-111506As you drive the car, the APP automatically count the distance and records the drawings on the screen. At the end of the tour, the organizer already has the route book ready to distribute to competitors, with all the tulips, distances, speed changes, external references and times perfectly indicated and calculated automatically!

Route books creation with Rabbit Roadbook Designer has many advantages:

  • PRECISE ROUTE BOOK IN LESS TIME: just make one trip and you have your route book ready.
  • END OF EXPENSE WITH PRINTING AND PAPER: if you opt for the digital road book, you don’t have to print and manage thousands of paper sheets.
  • WITHOUT TULIPS OR KM LIMITS: You can create the race of your dreams, without worrying about the number of pages to print.
  • FAST CORRECTIONS: Corrections in the route book are easily transmitted to competitors.
  • CUSTOM DRAWINGS: In addition to using images available on the APP library, the organizer can customize it.
  • ACCURACY: the APP calculates times automatically, avoiding errors of manual calculations.
  • FOR ALL KIND OF RALLY: no matter the size of your race. Our APP can be used either by a group of friends making a route or a professional rally with hundreds of cars.



To see the operation of the Rabbit RoadBook Designer, see the video below.

To see how to edit tulips, sections and measures, see the video below.

If you are an rally Organizer and are interested in using the Rabbit RoadBook Designer, contact us.