Calibration is one of the most important step in a Regularity Rally. Before departure, you need to calibrate your odometer. The calibration section is provided by the Organization in a separated paper or it is indicated in the first section of the route book.

Why calibrate? When calibrating, we compensate any differences between our odometer and the odometer used by organization to define the route of the Rally. Calibration, therefore, ensures that your odometer distances indicated correctly during the race.


  • To calibrate using the Rabbit, is essential to ensure that the Rabbit is already connected to odometer (GPS, RabbitBox or RabbitTest).
  • Rabbit calibration should always be performed after calibration of the tires, it can change if the calibration of them is changed.


The Organization Rally provides a paper called “Stretch Calibration” or Odometer Check in which a fixed distance (2 kilometers, for example) and points benchmarks (eg signal “STOP” or “KM 01”) and their respective locations / distances. When calibrating, these distances inform the Rabbit and the computer automatically adjusts your odometer.

Imagine you are on a road as in the photograph on this page. The green signal indicates the “KM 01” of the road and the yellow sign “KM 02”.

  • Stop the car with column aligned to the green sign “KM 01”.
  • Click on “Clock & Calibration”
  • Click on the odometer.
  • the setup odometer screen appears.
  • Click on “zero”.
  • Follow the road until the yellow sign “KM 02”.
  • Click on “Calibrate KM”
  • Type the value 1000 (one thousand meters = 1 km)
  • Click “OK”
  • Ready! Rabbit already has calculated “R”, the calibration parameter


Sometimes, the calibration section comes in the first section in the route book.

Suppose, for example, the route book indicate that the start of the section calibration is the green signal “KM 1” of the road, located in the distance “1,271” and that the end of the stage calibration is the yellow signal ” KM 2 “, located in the distance” 2.329 “:





  • Click on “Clock & Calibration”
  • Stop the car column aligned signal “Km 1”
  • Click on the odometer
  • the setup odometer screen appears.
  • Click on “zero”.
  • Continue until the yellow signal “KM 2”
  • Stop the car column aligned to the yellow sign “KM 2”
  • Click on “Calibrating KM”
  • Type the distance “1058” it is the difference 2329 – 1271
  • Click “OK”, it is calibrated now lets go back to roadbook distances
  • Click on the odometer
  • Type the distance “2329”
  • Click “OK”
  • Ready!


  • Our picture of the road on top of page is very similar to reality, you will find several curves and obstacles that hinder the path is always repeated the same. Always stay within range and imagine how the race organizer measured this section. The closer you match it, the better your measurement.
  • Do not change the calibration of the tire after the measurement.
  • Ask how the organizer made the measurement, with hot tire or cold, which calibration with 4×4 engaged, or anything that might change the way to measure the distances.
  • Ask for calibration stretch always in advance.