The speed table is where all speeds and times of the race are informed.



Rabbit has a Sector Editor screen where you can add all speed changes, displacements and neutrals.

  • S is the regularity sector, where you inform the distance, the speed and you have to maintain your regular speed.
  • D is a displacement (or transit), some races you have to connect timed sectors with a displacement, you inform the distance and duration. It works like S but it isn’t a valid sector.
  • N in a neutral, in some races you have to stop in a point for X time, so you inform the km ini = km fin and the duration, the speed should be zero.
Normally you use just S, if D an N don’t make sense in your races, you don’t have to use it. You can also use in a set such as S for the Regularity, D for the Displacement (or transit), N for the end of the transit then start a new sector again for the next regularity etc. Repeat as many as needed. You will see that the time elapsed should equal the rally master’s time in the route book if provided. If a mistake is made in entry, it is easy to fix this way.



To generate the .TOT file manually you need to download the Excel spreadsheet that is available in the downloads page and fill out the sections as the example we leave ready. Once this is done simply click the Export TOT File button and follow the instructions.

With the recorded file on the computer, send to your phone or tablet via e-mail or write to a memory card and then import it in Rabbit Sector Editor screen.