logo-g-pilotThe RabbitPilot is an application designed to help the driver to see the most relevant data during the race. The RabbitPilot can speak the speed change for you and show you the settings that the copilot is using.


The information displayed in RabbitPilot is calculated in the real-time. When the passenger is adjusting the odometer, the Rabbit Pilot continues to show the information. When the configuration is confirmed by copilot RabbitPilot will show the correction.




The connection between the Rabbit and RabbitPilot is done via Bluetooth. Therefore, the need for mobile or tablet or running the Rabbit is to be paired with your mobile phone or tablet that runs RabbitPilot. If you do not know how to match mobile or tablets see Part 3 of this link.
Once paired with the RabbitPilot mobile phone or tablet, open the Rabbit in another mobile phone or tablet, go to the Connections page and click the button RabbitPilot. You will be asked or put select the Bluetooth device that is running the RabbitPilot, select and wait a few seconds.
The devices should already be communicating, check if the information is synchronized on both devices.