Participants of Spain Classic Raid will use for the first time in Europe, a digital route book: the Rabbit RoadBook!

In 2016 edition of Spain’s largest regularity rally, the 140 registered vehicles, pilots and navigators will use, the innovative application of digital route books, it’s a route book that can be seen in a tablet or mobile screen. The application is the Rabbit RoadBook and is available for download for free on the Play Store.

During the eight days of competition, participants will cross Spain covering 2.100 kilometers in dirt roads and can view each kilometer on the screen of their tablets or phones. Every meter from Barcelona to Sevilla, of the eight stages are already mapped and their digital route books prepared!

In addition to a digital route book on your tablet screen, Rabbit RoadBook offers a complete navigation system, which allows all the information needed to maintain regularity, especially the “Ideal Time”, the function that allows you to view if we are delayed or early in relation to the ideal, that is the key to ensure the 0.0 score.

If you are a rally organizer and want to make digital route books for your competitors contact us!