Rabbit Box is a full precision equipment that has all the basic functions to achieve the best results in regularity rallies.

Developed by a pilot with advanced high precision programming skills, Rabbit Box connects odometer to a sensor installed in the car Box works connected to the Rabbit application, available for free download on our website or in the Play Store. With Rabbit, you can view speed changes, total and partial distance and the seconds in delay or advance. With Rabbit application on your mobile or tablet and our precision equipment Rabbit Box will have all the information to maintain regularly point to point and reach the perfect score of 0.0!

With Rabbit Box, co-pilot can adjust in real-time measurements with an accuracy of centimeters! Adjustments are made easily with buttons that are coupled at the helm: when pass an external reference marked on the route book, simply press the “Set” button (yellow) and add or remove the necessary meters match your odometer with the distance set in the route book:

    • Press “SET” button (yellow button).
    • To add meters: use the green buttons +1 or +10
    • To remove meters: use the red buttons -1 or -10.
    • Confirm with “SET” button (yellow).

In addition to the manual setting, Rabbit Box has an exclusive function of “SMART SET” when used with Rabbit RoadBook application.

Rabbit Box can be used in different types of rally regularity. In fact, we have users in Spain, Brazil, Canada, United States, France, Portugal, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Russia …


The price of Rabbit Box fits in your pocket: 110 Euros! One of our goals when developing our equipment was to face gouging price of various conventional equipment currently available. Rabbit Box comes to revolutionize the world of regularity rallies with full precision technology at affordable price.

*** Order now your Rabbit Box by 110€ ***

What do I need to use the Rabbit Box?

  • Rabbit Box: 110 euros (+shipping)
  • Sensor Kit (magnetic sensor + 02 magnets): 13 euros (+shipping)
  • App Rabbit: free for download in Play Store
  • For better performance, we recommend using our free application extra display for the pilot, Rabbit Pilot.



RabbitBox is a Bluetooth device that is always visible to other devices. Before opening the Rabbit on mobile or tablet you need pair it with the RabbitBox. On the RabbitBox back is a password that you will use at this time.

If you do not know how to pair your mobile phone or tablet to a Bluetooth device see Part 3 of this link.

Once paired, open the Rabbit, go to the Connections page, select RabbitBox option and click Connect. Select your RabbitBox and wait a few seconds and it will start communicating with your device.

This fact should already be communicating. To check, drive the car and see if the odometer is updated correctly.